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Protecting Your Rights Following A Plane Crash

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The attorneys at Lozner & Mastropietro in Brooklyn, New York, have extensive experience handling the often complex and difficult personal injury cases that follow plane crashes. We help victims and, in cases of fatal airline accidents, their families, recover fair compensation.

To speak with one of our lawyers about a claim related to a plane crash, please contact our Kings County office and make arrangements for a complimentary consultation. We can answer your questions about airline accidents and help you start building your case.

Planes are among the safest means of transportation available today — airplane crashes do not occur as frequently as other types of transportation accidents. However, because they often result in catastrophic injury or wrongful death and involve so many people airline accidents can devastate entire communities, cause untold amounts of damage, and leave many families in emotional and financial distress. In fact, most people do not realize the frequency with which airline accidents do occur. Generally, the media reports only fatal general and commercial aviation accidents. When our lawyers handle an airline accident case, they work with investigators to determine the cause of the plane crash:

  • Pilot error and other human error are the most common cause of plane crashes.
  • Runway accidents may be the result of air traffic control miscommunication problems.
  • Many airline accidents occur as a result of defective equipment and structural design defects.
  • Plane crashes may be the result of negligence on the part of the airline or charter company that results in poor maintenance.
  • Some crashes are the result of extreme weather conditions.

After determining the cause of the plane crash, our attorneys will determine what parties are responsible for your family’s loss. We will pursue all sources of compensation through insurance claims and lawsuits. At Lozner & Mastropietro, we are sensitive to the legal, emotional and financial distress that you and your family are undergoing if a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in an airline accident. Our attorneys and staff will do all we can to assist you and your family during this difficult time.

We Bring Empathy And Experience To Plane Crash Cases

At Lozner & Mastropietro our Brooklyn Attorneys are dedicated to representing victims of airline accidents. If your family member’s death was caused by an airline accident or you simply need more information, please contact us at 917-920-9431, or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.