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Important Steps To Take If You Are In An Auto Accident

  1. Call the police and get medical assistance, if necessary. Calling the police at the scene of the accident is key to a correct investigation and police report.
  2. Obtain the precinct number of the police officers, the precinct contact information and the Accident Report Number, so you can get a copy of the report later on.
  3. While waiting for the police to arrive, exchange information with any other drivers involved.
    Write down the other motorists:
    • Names
    • Sex
    • Phone numbers
    • Drivers license, license plate and registration numbers
    • State where their drivers license and registration were issued
    • Insurance company and policy number
  4. Make note of the name and insurance of the car’s owner (which can be different from the driver). Note if any of the other motorists appear to be under any sort of outside influence (drugs, alcohol, etc.).
  5. Write down names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses who saw the accident. Then note the damage to your car and other vehicles, taking down the make, model, year and damage sustained to each car involved. Record the date, time, location and circumstances of the accident (you can even draw a diagram of what happened). If you have a camera with you, take photos of the accident scene and of the damage sustained by the vehicles involved.
  6. If your vehicle was involved in the accident, get a copy of the police accident report and inform your automobile insurance company about the accident as soon as possible.
  7. Contact an attorney BEFORE YOU CALL YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY if you have questions about your legal rights. If the insurance company should call you first, DO NOT give a statement. Instead, take down any relevant information (i.e., the company’s name, claim number and phone number) and advise them that your attorney will return their call.
  8. If you were the driver of a car involved in a motor vehicle accident, you must complete a New York State Motor Vehicle Accident report within thirty (30) days of the accident. Contact an attorney BEFORE you complete this accident report.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Automobile and Motor Vehicle Accidents