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Brooklyn company fined, cited in worker's 2019 death

A Brooklyn construction company faces fines for safety violations after a worker died in a building collapse last November. SP&K Construction owes over $77,000 in fines for the 11 safety violations for which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited them after last year's deadly debacle. The construction accident occurred in Brighton Beach and cost a worker his life.

On Nov. 8, 2019, the construction crew was onsite pouring concrete when suddenly three floors of the building collapsed, trapping and killing the hapless worker.

3 injured in crash outside Brooklyn restaurant

Sometimes people wind up getting into motor vehicle accidents that are at least partially their fault. The driver may have rolled through an intersection and struck the car whose driver had the right of way. A pedestrian may have stepped off too quickly into the street before the line of cars fully passed. A cyclist may have been riding the wrong way against traffic.

But for some of the recent outdoor patrons at one Brooklyn eatery, there was nothing that they did that contributed to their being struck by a pickup truck as they dined street-side on July 21.

Seek legal help for denied workers' comp claims

The average Brooklyn construction site is a hive of activity. There are a lot of moving parts, with different crews showing up daily to do their jobs before moving on to another worksite.

In fact, if you are a Brooklyn construction worker, you might see new faces on the job every week. You don't get to know the workers well and you might not even speak their native languages. You have to wonder sometimes if every worker who sets foot on the construction site has been properly trained to avoid deadly accidents.

Brooklyn wreck injures 5, 2 critically

Earlier this week, a crash in Brooklyn sent several people to the hospital, some injured critically. Events unfolded on Monday, July 13, at around 4:30 a.m.

Three men were in a late-model Lamborghini SUV headed northbound on 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst when they struck an eastbound Dodge pickup truck on 65th Street.

Defective power tools can injure construction workers

Construction workers use a host of tools to get their job duties done on a daily basis. When these tools are in good condition and working properly, they pose little risk and provide considerable benefits to the workers. Unfortunately, there are times when the tools might stop working properly. This may be due to normal wear and tear, but it might also be the result of a defect in the tool.

There are specific signs that workers can look for that signal that something is amiss with the power tool. It's a good idea to inspect the tools before each use. If you notice any of these signs, it's best to avoid using the tool:

  • Screeching noise: This can be caused by improperly lubed components rubbing against each other. It could also signal that an internal component broke, so there is contact where there shouldn't be.
  • Decreased power: This may mean that the electrical components of the tool are worn out. Some tools aren't safe to use at partial power, so never attempt to use them unless you can confirm that there is enough power to do so safely.
  • Smoke or sparks: It's possible that debris has gotten into the tool. There's also a chance that the components of the tool are worn out or working improperly. You may also notice a burnt smell when you use the tool. When any of these are present, you should turn the tool off and not use it until the problem is diagnosed and corrected.

Drunk driving crashes claim many lives each day

Drunk drivers are a huge problem in this country. When a person opts to drink and drive, they are making a decision that could impact the life of an innocent victim. This doesn't stop them from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, so they try to make it to their destination without any problems. While it is possible for other drivers to avoid them sometimes, things don't always work that way.

One average, a person dies every 50 minutes at the hands of a drunk driver in this country. That amounts to just shy of 30 people per day. Each one of those deaths are preventable, and that's not even accounting for the injuries that come from these crashes.

Safety is a major focus of the New York Labor Law

Construction projects in New York range from tunnels and bridges to roadways and skyscrapers and most projects come with an element of danger for workers.

Construction companies must adhere to the provisions set out in the New York Labor Law, which addresses safety and assigns liability for injuries to workers.

Common causes for car crashes to remember

Motor vehicle crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries for the victims. Because of this, all drivers must take the time to drive safely each time they get out on the roads. Taking the time to brush up on some of the more common accident types might help drivers to avoid getting into those types of wrecks.

Drivers who shouldn't be driving are the primary cause of crashes. These include individuals who are too intoxicated, drowsy or distracted to operate a vehicle in a safe manner. When a person who meets any of those criteria do drive, there is a good chance that they will harm innocent victims. Each crash that's for one of these reasons was fully preventable, which makes them seem even worse than they really are.

Construction companies must develop fluid safety plans

Construction sites contain heavy equipment and other materials and tools to get the structures erected. While these are critical to the job, they also pose hazards to the workers. It is up to the construction companies to ensure that they are providing a safe working environment for their workers. Because the risks and hazards of the equipment used in construction are well-known, there isn't any viable reason for companies to allow the workers to face unchecked hazards.

Companies must have safety plans in place at every job site. One thing that's important for these companies to realize is that they need to consider the specific hazards of each location before they set these plans. There might be special considerations at a job site that would require an adjustment to the plan that's already in place elsewhere.

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