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4 reasons ladder injuries occur on construction sites

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Construction Site Accidents

New York has thousands of construction sites at any given time. Most of these, of course, have at least one ladder. Accordingly, it is not surprising that when an accident happens at a construction site, there is a good chance a ladder played some role.

A ladder-related accident may leave you with a life-altering injury. Fortunately, if your injury occurred at work, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Still, to avoid an injury altogether, you should understand why ladder injuries tend to happen at construction sites. Here are four common reasons.

1. Picking the wrong ladder for the job

Ladders come in a variety of styles and materials. Not every ladder is right for every construction project, however. Reading the ladder’s instructions and restrictions is a good way to stay safe. If you cannot find these printed on the side of the ladder, they may be available online from the manufacturer.

2. Using a damaged ladder

While a functioning ladder is a necessity on most construction sites, damaged ladders do more harm than good. As such, before erecting a ladder, you should thoroughly inspect it. If you see troubling signs, such as bent rungs or missing feet, you should delay the project until you can find a reliable replacement.

3. Placing the ladder on shaky ground

To be safe, any ladder you use must have solid footing. If you place a ladder on an uneven, soft, slippery or otherwise unacceptable surface, you may sustain a serious injury. Likewise, when placing a leaning ladder, you must be certain the top makes good contact with a firm and strong surface. Remember, using a ladder in high winds is a recipe for disaster.

4. Failing to look above eye level

Construction sites routinely have electrical wires crossing unexpected areas. If you do not look above your head, you may inadvertently entangle your ladder with an electrical wire. The same is true if you carry the ladder in an upright position. Either way, you are at an increased risk of electrocution if your ladder touches a hot wire.


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