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Fatal construction accident in New York blamed on high winds

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2018 | Construction Site Accidents

Falling debris at a construction site in Brooklyn killed a 44-year-old man the day before Thanksgiving. Two of his sons were working with him at 859 Myrtle Avenue, and one son pulled his father from beneath the metal wall that fell on him. In a press conference, the son said that no one should have been working on the roof that day because of the high winds. He insisted that the accident did not have to happen.

The Brooklyn Borough president joined the son at the press conference and said that the fatal accident required a full investigation. The borough president said that the high winds that day had prompted the crane operators to refuse to work. He expressed concern that the victim had been told to work as a way to get around the work stoppage by the crane operators. Confirmation has yet to emerge that crane operators actually warned supervisors about the dangerous conditions. The contractor, Empire ID Construction, has not provided a public comment.

According to a statement from the Department of Buildings, investigators reported that a wall panel tipped off of a forklift and landed on the man. The agency has stopped work at the construction site and issued a safety citation to the contractor. The victim is survived by four children.

When construction site accidents arise because of negligent decisions or violations of safety regulations, a victim could gain information about personal injury law from an attorney. Legal representation may help uncover evidence of wrongdoing that led to an accident. In addition, an attorney could identify responsible parties like contractors and insurance companies and pursue damages with a lawsuit.


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