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Top causes of bicyclist and pedestrian accidents

Brooklyn has more than its fair share of pedestrians and bicyclists that take to the street on a daily basis. Although the New York metropolitan area is known for being pedestrian-accessible and even pedestrian and bicyclist friendly, there are real dangers posed to these individuals all the time.

In fact, studies have shown that more than 3,400 pedestrians were struck and killed across the United States in 2022. This is an 18% increase over the fatality rate seen just a few years ago in 2019.

Bicycle accidents haven’t fared much better. The National Safety Council found that bicycle accidents resulted in more than 1,200 deaths in 2020, which is an increase of 44% over the last decade.

What causes pedestrian and bicyclist accidents?

Given the density of pedestrian and bicyclist traffic in our city, the rates of injurious and fatal accidents are bound to be high. But why do these kinds of wrecks occur so frequently? Here are some of the top reasons why these accidents occur:

  • Distracted driving: People who are engaged with their electronic devices can take their eyes off the road long enough to miss stopping at a crosswalk or an intersection. Even tourists who are looking at their surroundings can veer into a bicyclist. Therefore, despite safety initiatives, distracted driving continues to be a major problem in the Brooklyn area.
  • Intoxication: Drunk and high drivers can have impaired driving abilities, including a decreased awareness and reaction time. These diminished capacities can lead to a serious accident.
  • Left turns: When dealing with traffic in the metropolitan area, drivers often have to navigate complex traffic patterns and high traffic density. As a result, when making a left turn, motorists are usually focused on the traffic coming towards them and how to beat oncoming traffic so that they can safely make their turn. But this leaves bicyclists and pedestrians at risk when these drivers make quick turns without slowing or stopping for those who are in a crosswalk.
  • Construction: Road construction can create narrow roadways, sometimes even forcing pedestrians to walk on the road where drivers don’t expect to see them. This construction can also put bicyclists in closer proximity to moving traffic, which increases the risk of an accident occurring.
  • Time of day: Many pedestrian and bicycle accidents occur at night when it’s more difficult to see these individuals. With that in mind, bicyclists and pedestrians should be sure to wear clothing that is more easily observable, and drivers should be more aware of their surroundings when driving at night.
  • Poor weather conditions: Rain, snow, and ice can all lead to slick roads. Drivers who aren’t careful can slide into crosswalks, hitting pedestrians. In other instances, these cars might slide into bicyclists who are traveling nearby. The rate of speed at which these accidents occur can prove deadly.

Have you been injured in a bicycling or pedestrian accident?

If so, then the injuries you suffered might be extensive. While dealing with the physical pain and limitations of those injuries can be trying, your life might be made more difficult by the financial ramifications of your accident. High medical bills can quickly come due, and your inability to work might leave you without the financial resources that you need to make ends meet.

It can be a scary time, for sure, but not one that you have to let overwhelm your life. Instead, you can take control of the situation by considering a personal injury lawsuit. After all, if you’re successful on one of these claims, then you might be able to secure the financial resources that you need to offset your losses and reclaim your future.


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