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The USDOT’s commitment to road safety

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The United States Department of Transportation Secretary recently launched the National Roadway Safety Strategy Call to Action campaign. According to the USDOT’s official website, the campaign calls on all Americans and every level of government to join forces in saving lives on the nation’s highways. It seeks to reduce the number of fatalities that have reached crisis levels and calls for stakeholders to do their part in 2023.

The initiative utilizes a five-pronged Safe System Approach that prioritizes safer people, safer vehicles, safer speeds, safer roads and post-crash care, all aimed at working towards zero fatalities. The USDOT developed the strategy in response to the surge in traffic deaths during the pandemic in 2020. Unfortunately, they remain high, with almost 43,000 people losing their lives on the nation’s roads in 2021.

Private and public sectors join forces

The campaign comes with 49 voluntary commitments to action from stakeholders who pledged to work towards reducing fatalities on the roads. The commitments come from various organizations, including health and safety advocates, the private sector, municipal and law enforcement organizations and more.

Organizations across the nation commit to road safety

Some commitments include the Washington State Department of Transportation, prioritizing safety by centering the Safe System Approach within its updated State Strategic Highway Safety Plan. The League of American Bicyclists is another organization pledging to provide technical assistance to local governments through programs such as Safe Streets and Roads for All.

The National Roadway Safety Strategy Call to Action campaign is a national effort to save lives on America’s roadways. The Department of Transportation is optimistic that this campaign will significantly advance toward this goal.


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