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Brooklyn architect disabled in hit-and-run accident

Brooklyn’s crowded streets are a permanent hazard for pedestrians, but the hazard becomes more critical when drivers do not pay careful attention to their surroundings. In a recent accident, an accomplished architect was totally disabled when a motorist looking for a parking spot backed into her and then drove away.

The incident

The initial events of the accident were captured on video footage in a nearby apartment building. As seen in the video footage, the victim was crossing the street in the walkway. The motorist backed into her, got out of his car, looked at the victim, and callously drove away.

The victim was initially taken to Kings County Hospital, but when health care providers discovered the extent of her brain injuries, she was flown to an Atlanta-based rehabilitation facility that specializes in bran injuries.

A 911 caller provided police detectives with the license plate of the driver’s car, but months were required to track him down and arrest him. He is facing assault charges, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident involving an injury.

The victim’s injuries

The victim, a 63-year-old architect, is no longer able to communicate verbally or walk unassisted. Also, she has almost Her short-term memory, according to her sister. Treating physicians recently told family members that the woman will not recover from her injuries. She is expected to live out the rest of her life with her current medical condition.

Solid legal support

The injuries suffered by the victim of the hit-and-run driver are very serious. Her future care and rehabilitation will cost thousands of dollars. Anyone who been similarly injured may wish to explore the recovery of damages in a civil lawsuit. An attorney experienced in personal injury cases can provide a helpful analysis of the evidence and the potential for recovering substantial damages.


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