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Electric vehicles comparably safer than traditional autos

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Consumers often rank safety high on their list of important features when purchasing a motor vehicle. According to a series of tests conducted recently by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), electric vehicles (EV) rank equally safe or even safer than traditional automobiles. Through a series of six tests on collision avoidance, front impacts and roof strength, among others, a Mustang Mach E and a Volvo XC 40 earned grades that placed each in a predetermined safety category.

Each vehicle scored perfect. The Volvo, however, received a higher ranking of TOP SAFETY PICK+. The results for the Mustang placed it as a TOP SAFETY PICK. In 2021, three other vehicles—two Audi models and a Tesla—received the same grade. The criteria for top award ratings required a good rating in all tests on crashworthiness. In addition to side and head restraints, the tests included passenger and driver-side overlap front, as well as headlights and front crash prevention systems. A + categorization required a grade of acceptable or good for headlights across all trim levels.

New law favors EV owners over homeowners’ associations

An updated insurance analysis from the IIHS for 2021 provides supplemental evidence that electronic vehicle safety compares with that of other motor vehicles. Data revealed fewer injury claims for EV drivers than those of gas-powered automobiles. One plausible explanation lies in that EV’s weight is heavier, generally, than others. New York has recognized the increased popularity of EVs in a new law that went into effect on January 21st. Homeowners’ associations may no longer prevent homeowners from installing EV charging stations on their properties.

Even the most conscientious motor vehicle operators know that classifying a vehicle as “safer” or “safest” does not insulate them or passengers from injury. The slightest error, whether the result of weather, speed or other factors, can result in an accident that raises overwhelming emotional, financial, medical and legal issues. Attorneys who understand the consequences of motor vehicle accidents can help.


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