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Tips for safe driving when winter weather strikes

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The recent record snowfall in Western New York reminds those of us in Brooklyn that winter weather is here to stay for the next few months. If you drive in New York, it is good to review the following safety tips for winter driving.

Winter driving tips

If you are taking an extended trip, it is easy to simply put the cruise control on. But you do not want to use cruise control if the roads are covered with ice or snow. Cruise control puts you in less control of your vehicle and you need to be in complete control of your vehicle to drive on slick roads.

Ice or snow-covered roads are slick, and it takes longer to come to a stop. Therefore, you should decelerate slowly in, so you have enough time to stop without sliding through an intersection or striking a car in front of you. You should avoid tailgating for similar reasons.

If you start skidding or fishtailing, do not try to stay in your lane by steering in the opposite direction of the skid. Instead, steer in the same direction as your skid. You have a better chance of staying in your lane this way.

Visibility is greatly limited when the snow falls and wind blows creating whiteout conditions. If you are caught in this situation, you should try to go to a safe place to wait out the conditions, such as a parking lot.

You should try not to simply pull onto the shoulder of the road when visibility is limited unless you have no other choice. Other motorists might not see you and you could be in the way of snowplows or emergency vehicles.

Travel safely this winter

Winter weather can make driving treacherous. Still, sometimes you have no choice but to travel in unsafe conditions. If so, take it slow, pay attention and drive with due care. Being prepared for driving in winter weather can help you reach your destination safely without being involved in a car crash.



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