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How can drivers be sure they are aware of motorcycles?

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Too many motorcycle accidents happen because the driver of a larger vehicle just did not see the motorcycle.

After all, motorcycles are much smaller than passenger cars, and this makes them harder to see.

Unfortunately, because of the size difference, when collisions between cars and motorcycles happen, the motorcyclists wind up suffering serious or even debilitating or fatal injuries.

At the most basic level, motorists in New York City and the surrounding areas can be aware of motorcycles by paying attention to the road and avoiding distractions.

While drivers should pay attention at all times, attentive driving is particularly important when around motorcycles or in areas where motorcyclists might be in the area.

On a related note, drivers of cars should of course avoid drunken or drugged driving and should also make sure they have adequate sleep. Drivers should be sure to drive at a reasonable speed and obey traffic laws.

It takes some extra steps to keep motorcyclists safe

However, drivers also need to understand how motorcycles behave differently than cars. Those in cars will have to adjust their driving and take extra steps to keep motorcyclists safe.

For one, because they are so small, motorcyclists are more likely to be in a motorist’s blind spot. Drivers need to watch extra carefully before changing lanes.

Drivers also need to give motorcyclists additional following distance.

Motorcyclists frequently downshift instead of using their brakes, which means to other drivers they will seem to slow down quickly and with no warning.

Motorcyclists also may need to swerve suddenly to avoid a rock or other object that the driver of a car may not even notice.

Those who ride motorcycles have the same rights on the road as those in other vehicles. New York drivers need to respect this and do what they need to do to prevent motorcycle accidents.

If they fail in their responsibility and cause a motorcycle accident, then they may have to pay compensation to their victims.


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