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Fatal bicycle accident is a grim reminder of bicycle dangers

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Riding a bicycle offers so many benefits. It saves gas, costs on operating a car and can offer health benefits. But, for some cyclists, the consequence of choosing a bike over a car is severe injury or even death. A recent fatal crash at an unfortunate intersection in Brooklyn is a reminder of the dangers cyclists face sharing city streets with vehicles weighing in at several tons.

A fatal bicycle event in Brooklyn

According to WABC, a large truck fatally struck a cyclist. The report further states that nearly 130 people faced injury at the same intersection, with one pedestrian, unfortunately, dying. A dangerous intersection can create problems for many, with pedestrians and cyclists paying the ultimate price due to the vulnerability of our bodies while using this means of transportation.

But what should you do if you ride a bicycle in one of the five NYC boroughs?

You have legal remedies, if you or a loved one face severe consequences as a result of another driver’s negligence. Know you have these options, if you sustain injuries because of the fault of a negligent driver.

You do not have to fight your legal battle alone. An attorney knowledgeable about New York law can help you financially recover, while you focus on the other facets of healing. New York is a big city. Finding compassionate counsel with a keen eye on hearing your needs and case can be vital to ensuring fair compensation for your injuries if they caused by another driver’s negligence.


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