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Sobering statistics on motorcycle fatalities

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people in New York enjoy riding their motorcycles around the state. It is an exciting way to travel but whether you ride for convenience or leisure, you should always ride with safety in mind, as motorcycle accidents have the potential to be fatal.

2020 statistics on motorcycle accidents

In 2020, 14% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents involved motorcycles. This is despite the fact that only 3% of all vehicles registered in the United States are motorcycles.

In 2020, motorcycle deaths went up 11% compared to the number of motorcycle deaths in 2019. However, nonfatal injures went down in 2020 by 2% compared to 2019.

Common motorcycle injuries

There are some common injuries, besides head injuries, that a motorcyclist could suffer if hit by a car. When a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet, they are more apt to injure their trunk in a crash. Chest and abdominal injuries can often be fatal. Those involved in motorcycle accidents are also prone to suffering upper spinal cord injuries and rib fractures. Some of these injuries can be fatal.

When are motorcycle accidents occurring?

You may think that poor weather, rural roads or the darkness of night contributed heavily to the number of motorcycle accidents in the U.S. However, most motorcycle fatalities took place in good weather and during the daytime and on urban roads. And, while wearing a helmet is essential when motorcycling, 58% of fatal motorcycle accidents involved a motorcyclist who was helmeted.

Many in New York who choose to travel by motorcycle take all necessary safety precautions when doing so. Unfortunately, they could still be struck by a car — an accident that could cost them their life. Motorcyclists who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident have the opportunity to discuss their situation with an attorney who can help them understand the various options they have for compensation.


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