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Helping you navigate a wrongful death suit following a fatal drowning

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2022 | Personal Injury

Although the dog days of summer have long passed for New York residents, residents of all ages still partake in leisure activities that involve water. Unfortunately, water recreation carries with it the risk of drowning. While some drownings are unavoidable accidents, others may be the result of the recklessness or negligence of another party.

Drowning incidents

While both children and adults may be confident with their swimming skills, situations may arise where something goes wrong. This could be due to issues with the maintenance of public swimming and water locations or lifeguards that are not adequately trained or are distracted.

When a drowning occurs, it can be a difficult event to digest. Not only are you suffering a tragic loss, but you are also confused on how it occurred. At Lozner & Mastropietro attorneys at law, our firm understands that these can be complex matters. Furthermore, our knowledge and experience tell us that drownings are often caused by the negligence of other parties. As such, we take the time to access the matter, helping you understand any legal actions you could take.

Wrongful death action

Personal injury actions may be available following a drowning accident. If the incident was fatal, a wrongful death suit could help surviving loved ones hold a negligent party accountable for the incident while also assisting with the recovering of compensation for the losses caused by the drowning incident.

The death of a loved one due to a drowning accident is a difficult event to cope with. Our law firm understands that this is a tragic event, especially when it is a young child that was lost. If the fatal drowning was caused by another party, our attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and how a wrongful death action might be the proper step for you to take.


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