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Reports: New York City has a distracted driving problem

On Behalf of | May 13, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York State as a whole has a relatively good reputation when it comes to distracted driving. Despite this, other studies show New York City’s drivers are the most likely to operate a vehicle while distracted compared with other major cities.

The report, compiled by The Zebra, cited a survey of drivers in major cities. With the greatest frequency, New York’s drivers admitted to texting, checking social media and doing other online activities on their phones while also operating their vehicles. The Zebra is an online platform that allows users to compare insurance quotes from different carriers.

Distracted driving is not just about cellular phones and other technology

As the report and other studies have emphasized, though, distracted driving is not just about cell phone use.

For example, a report from the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety even questioned how effective laws prohibiting texting and driving and cell phone use were in preventing distracted driving overall.

After all, a distraction can be just about anything that takes one’s eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind off of the task of driving.

Many drivers admit to distractions, including personal grooming, eating, messing with their vehicle or interacting with a passenger in the car.

It also almost goes without saying that many drivers simply are thinking about something else as they drive and are not giving their full attention to staying safe.

Distracted drivers should be held accountable after an accident

No matter the reason for the distraction, inattentive driving is never acceptable. If a person suffers an injury because of a distracted driver, they may have the right to pursue that driver for compensation for their injuries.


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