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Motorcycle accidents can cause painful road rash

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a motorcycle rider is hit by a driver, he or she may suffer from an injury called road rash. It can happen even when the rider is wearing protective clothing.

Road rash and home treatment

Road rash is caused by friction and it results in an abrasion to the rider’s skin. It occurs when the rider’s skin comes in contact with a hard surface, like pavement, and can be extremely painful. It can affect the rider’s hands, knees, elbows and forearms.

In some situations, riders can treat their injuries by washing the affected area with soap and water, using an over-the-counter ointment and bandaging the injury. It is important for the rider to be aware of signs of infection, however. These may include worsening pain or a fever.

Long-term effects

Severe road rash can cause scarring, which may require dermabrasion or skin grafting to correct. Riders can also be left with a traumatic tattoo which is a permanent mark that occurs when glass, rocks, dirt and metal are lodged in the victim’s skin.

It can be difficult for the rider to remove all of the material him or herself and it may require wound debridement or surgical scrubbing to fully clean the wound.

These procedures can be painful and the victim can wind up having to pay expensive hospital and clinic bills for the treatment. Motorcycle riders who are hit by a driver may not be aware that they can pursue a claim against the driver for compensation for their injuries.

If a motorcycle rider has been injured in an accident, an experienced attorney can help.



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