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Traumatic brain injuries are a risk during serious automobile accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The human brain controls the processes that sustain life throughout the rest of the body. When the brain suffers an injury, the fallout to the victim can be widespread and can impact them in many different ways, including but not limited to motor control, concentration, mood regulation, and consciousness. Brooklyn residents who are involved in motor vehicle accidents risk serious injuries to their brains when their accidents occur.

Traumatic brain injury is the term given to harm to the human brain, and this post will explore how traumatic brain injuries (TBI) happen, and how victims can recover from them. When TBI occur from motor vehicle accidents, it is important that victims seek medical help to ensure they are properly diagnosed and treated for their specific needs.

How TBI happen during motor vehicle accidents

There are several ways that TBI occur. One is through impact injuries. When a motor vehicle accident victim hits their head on a window, steering wheel, door panel, or other surface, they may suffer traumatic harm to their brain.

The second way that TBI happen is through penetration injuries. A penetration injury happens when a projectile enters the brain. During a motor vehicle accident, a victim can sustain a penetration injury to their head due to the violent forces involved in the crash. Penetration injuries to the brain can leave victims with serious medical needs.

Recovering from TBI after an accident

As mentioned, TBI can affect victims in different ways. While some victims may suffer minor TBI and recover quickly, others may be left in comatose states and unable to recover full use of their bodies. Because of this, recovery can look very different from victim to victim.

Living with TBI can be a challenge for some victims as well. A serious TBI may deprive a victim of their ability to work or to enjoy aspects of life that once brought them joy. An individual who cannot hold a job because of their TBI may not be able to support themselves and their loved ones in the capacity they could before they suffered their harm.

Not all TBI victims can live independently after their accidents. For some, daily support may be needed from occupational and physical therapists to ensure they are safe and provided for. The costs associated with long-term TBI can be extensive.

No TBI should be considered minor as all can have lasting effects on the victims and their bodies. When an accident related TBI occurs, a victim can protect themselves and their loved ones with prompt medical care and legal support. Personal injury laws may offer victims options for recovering the losses they sustained in their motor vehicle accidents.


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