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What are some common fractures in MVAs?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents in New York can lead to serious injuries, including broken bones. Some fractures are more common than others in motor vehicle accidents. While some broken bones can be healed with a cast, others are in parts of the body that cannot be placed in a cast.

Broken extremities

Arms and legs are vulnerable in a motor vehicle accident. Arm and wrist fractures are common because people often try to brace themselves when there is an impact. Fortunately, they also tend to heal fairly easily with casts. Some types of leg fractures can be more serious and take longer to heal. For example, the thickness of the thigh bone means it is slow to heal, but it is frequently broken because of bracing or the car caving in after impact. Broken tibias or fibulas may require surgery and physical therapy as well as casts.

Other common fractures

The collarbone or clavicle can be easily broken because of pressure from the seatbelt. To prevent movement, the arm might be placed in a cast, and the person might need to undergo physical therapy. Airbags and seatbelts can break ribs, and they may simply need rest to heal although some cases might require surgery. Hip and pelvis fractures can also happen, and theses can be complex to treat. For the former in particular, it might be necessary to use rods and screws. Finally, people might suffer face or skull fractures. These can range from less serious injuries that heal on their own to severe traumatic brain injury.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and the other driver was negligent, you might be able to get compensation that covers your medical costs and possibly other injuries. This may come from the other driver’s insurance company. In some cases, you might want to take the other driver to court.


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