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Two killed in motorcycle crash with truck

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Much like other states, New York experiences an uptick in motorcyclists on the roadways during the summer months. While these vehicles are enjoyable to ride for either convenience, leisure or daily commutes, these small vehicles do present more risks when compared to a passenger vehicle. Thus, when individuals are involved in a motorcycle accident, it is more likely that they will suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result.

Fatal motorcycle accident

Based on recent reports, two individuals were killed in a motorcycle crash. Preliminary investigation revealed that a 36-year-old male was operating the motorcycle with a 25-year-old female passenger. While traveling north on Rogers Ave in Crown Heights, the motorcyclists supposedly was attempting to pass a Mack truck.

In the attempt to pass the truck, the motorcyclist lost control of his bike shortly after passing the truck. This resulted in both the driver and passenger falling off the bike and onto the roadway. Both were then truck by the truck. The passenger suffered head trauma and died at the scene of the accident. The driver suffered trauma to his body and died shortly after being transported to the hospital. Investigation remains, and no charges were initially filed against the truck driver that remained at the scene following the crash.

Accident investigation

The investigation of an accident is crucial. It can help tell the story of the crash, proving useful information when it comes to understanding how it happened and if one or more parties were liable. Understanding cause and liability assists with a civil action filing, as it provides a person or party to hold accountable for the incident.

Fatal motorcycle accidents are not only tragic, but they are also difficult to cope with. Loved ones of the deceased may find it challenging to navigate the matter, as they are unsure of what can or could be done. A wrongful death action may be a helpful step. Although it cannot bring back the loved one lost, it could help address the financial losses and damages that were caused by the accident.



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