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Peloton improves software after treadmills are recalled

On Behalf of | May 28, 2021 | Personal Injury

Popular products are not immune from defects and recalls. Following 70 incidents involving personal injury and a death, Peloton recalled 125,000 of its Tread and Tread+ interactive treadmill products.

May recall

These products were recalled in early May after the 70 reported incidents. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that these accidents included adults, children, and pets who were sucked in and pinned beneath the product’s rotating belts.

These victims suffered broken bones, lacerations and second- and third-degree abrasions. A 6-year-old child died in one accident.

The recall followed a rare case where a manufacturer publicly disputed the CPSC’s recall recommendation following a product’s involvement in a death. Peloton first said that their products were safe if their users complied with the recommendation in its manual that parents keep children under 16 and pets away from this device.

The CPSC, however, said that there was one incident involving a child who was injured while a parent was running on the device. Peloton subsequently changed its position, said that its first position was incorrect and apologized.


Peloton released a software update for these treadmills that has a tread lock feature that is engaged if the treadmill is not used for 45 seconds. If the user is not in a class, the machine will start the belt stop if its user did not touch the screen for 45 seconds, its speed is zero and the incline was not adjusted for 45 seconds. Users will have to enter a four-digit code to unlock the belt and start exercising again.

For users in a class, the belt will stop if the treadmill does not detect a person running on it.

Peloton will provide full refunds to customers who contact it before Nov. 2022 and partial refunds to those who contact it afterwards. The company will also pay for the cost of moving its devices to a locked room.

Victims of a defective product can suffer injuries and even death as shown by this recall. An attorney can help them pursue compensation and seek removal of dangerous products from the market.



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