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Why did my workers’ comp claim get denied? 3 reasons

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Construction Site Accidents

When you got hurt on the job at the construction site, you filed a workers’ compensation claim for your injuries. You thought that it would be an open-and-shut case and you would receive benefits for a few weeks or months before returning to your job on the work crew.

You were flabbergasted and angry when your claim got denied by your company. How could this have happened? Read on to learn some common reasons for claims to get denied.

Failure to timely report your injury

You stepped off a ladder and into a hole in the ground and felt the pop of your ACL as it tore. Still, you felt that you needed to finish out the week and earn a full paycheck. So you sucked up the pain, wrapped your knee tightly in an Ace bandage and continued to hobble around the job site for the remaining three days. When you finally reported the injury late Friday afternoon, your boss was dubious that the accident even occurred while you were at work.

They claim you had a pre-existing condition

If you filed an asbestos-exposure claim after getting a diagnosis of mesothelioma, your employer might argue that you had lung damage already from years of chainsmoking cigarettes.

They claim you were high on drugs

While you know that you only smoked pot at home in the evenings after work to relax and get a good night’s sleep, the post-injury drug test that they gave you indicated the presence of marijuana in your system. Now, your boss is alleging that you were high on the job and that’s how you got injured.

Don’t let a denial deter you

While it is indeed frustrating to have your worker’s compensation claim denied, you need to realize that you do have other options. Seeking legal guidance before filing your appeal can often turn the tables on a denied claim and allow you to access the benefits that you need.


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