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Drunk driving crashes claim many lives each day

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drunk drivers are a huge problem in this country. When a person opts to drink and drive, they are making a decision that could impact the life of an innocent victim. This doesn’t stop them from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, so they try to make it to their destination without any problems. While it is possible for other drivers to avoid them sometimes, things don’t always work that way.

One average, a person dies every 50 minutes at the hands of a drunk driver in this country. That amounts to just shy of 30 people per day. Each one of those deaths are preventable, and that’s not even accounting for the injuries that come from these crashes.

A driver who gets behind the wheel while intoxicated doesn’t have the ability to properly control the vehicle. Even if they haven’t reached the point of legal intoxication, which is .08% blood alcohol concentration, they can still face negative driving impacts.

As little as .02% BAC can lead to trouble tracking moving targets. By .05%, the person can face trouble with steering. And, the impacts become more pronounced from there with things like impaired perceptions and decreased concentration occurring by .08%.

Drunk driving crashes can range from minor to fatal. When you’re struck by a drunk driver, you should receive a medical evaluation to determine whether you have any serious injuries. These might not be readily evident at first, so remain vigilant for a few days after the crash in case you notice anything amiss. If you do have an injury, you may opt to seek compensation from the drunk driver in an effort to recover the financial damages you’re facing.


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