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Defective power tools can injure construction workers

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2020 | Construction Site Accidents

Construction workers use a host of tools to get their job duties done on a daily basis. When these tools are in good condition and working properly, they pose little risk and provide considerable benefits to the workers. Unfortunately, there are times when the tools might stop working properly. This may be due to normal wear and tear, but it might also be the result of a defect in the tool.

There are specific signs that workers can look for that signal that something is amiss with the power tool. It’s a good idea to inspect the tools before each use. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to avoid using the tool:

  • Screeching noise: This can be caused by improperly lubed components rubbing against each other. It could also signal that an internal component broke, so there is contact where there shouldn’t be.
  • Decreased power: This may mean that the electrical components of the tool are worn out. Some tools aren’t safe to use at partial power, so never attempt to use them unless you can confirm that there is enough power to do so safely.
  • Smoke or sparks: It’s possible that debris has gotten into the tool. There’s also a chance that the components of the tool are worn out or working improperly. You may also notice a burnt smell when you use the tool. When any of these are present, you should turn the tool off and not use it until the problem is diagnosed and corrected.

Any construction worker who is harmed by a power tool while they’re working might explore the possibility of a third-party lawsuit. This is possible when a defect was present. Filing this type of claim enables them to seek compensation for the medical care expenses, lost wages and possibly other damages that you’re experiencing due to the defect.


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