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Brooklyn wreck injures 5, 2 critically

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Earlier this week, a crash in Brooklyn sent several people to the hospital, some injured critically. Events unfolded on Monday, July 13, at around 4:30 a.m.

Three men were in a late-model Lamborghini SUV headed northbound on 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst when they struck an eastbound Dodge pickup truck on 65th Street.

The force of the collision knocked the pickup into the path of a pedestrian who was walking in the crosswalk. That impact knocked the 30-year-old pedestrian into the wall of a nearby Starbucks. The Dodge then struck the same coffee shop building before coming to rest on the sidewalk. One parked car and two additional vehicles sustained damage in the accident.

Both the driver of the Dodge and the pedestrian suffered severe injuries in the accident. Emergency first responders transported both to Maimonides Medical Center where they were initially in critical condition. Since then, the Dodge driver’s condition has stabilized.

The three occupants of the SUV were taken to local hospitals. None were believed to be suffering from life-threatening injuries. All three men denied they were behind the wheel of the Lamborghini at the time of the wreck. Police are still sorting out liability and assessing what charges might be appropriate under the circumstances.

In cases like this where liability may be in question, it may be necessary for the injured parties to file a lawsuit against all potential defendants and let the court determine the liability issues. You can definitely expect the insurance companies to try to shift the blame back and forth so they can avoid paying out any claims. Seeking financial compensation may be necessary after being injured in a serious accident here in Brooklyn, whether you were an innocent driver, a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a wreck or a hapless pedestrian caught in the crash.


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