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Many car crash claims are settled without a trial

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you’re struck by another driver, you might suffer serious injuries. This can result in the need for medical care and may lead to other life changes for you. One option that you have if this occurs is to seek compensation for the financial damages that you’ve suffered by filing a personal injury claim in the civil court system.

Many victims of vehicle accidents don’t realize that they might not have to go through a trial to resolve their case. In many instances, these matters are resolved through a settlement without having to go to court. In order to obtain a settlement, you and the other party have to come to an agreement about what’s going to happen. It’s best if you have an attorney to represent you through this process to ensure that your interests are being protected.

The negotiations that occur in order to come up with a settlement can be intense. They can be handled in a one-on-one manner, but there are times when they will need to go though mediation or another alternative dispute resolution method. Before you begin the negotiations, you should have a good understanding of what damages you might claim.

Because you only have the one chance to obtain the financial compensation for the crash, you need to ensure that you consider not only the financial damages you’ve already experienced as well as what you’re going to face in the future because of the crash. Your attorney can help you evaluate these to come up with a bottom-line dollar figure for your case.


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