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Companies must set strict safety rules for moving equipment

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are often busy and full of activity. This makes having to drive heavy equipment or vehicles a challenge because the driver must ensure they’re not going to run over anyone or pin someone against something. Every construction company should have specific guidelines in place to ensure that all workers can do their job safely around these moving machines.

One of the most important things to remember is that you must be very observant when you’re responsible for driving around other workers. Companies should have clear guidelines about what must be done.

Sometimes the use of a flagger is necessary. This is often important when the vehicle is going to have to move in reverse since there might be a blind spot there the driver can’t see. If you’re worried about blind spots, it’s best to wait to move the vehicle until you know that you can have a flagger.

Companies should also make sure the vehicles are properly maintained. Most construction vehicles have a backup beeper. Some may have flashing lights. These help to alert workers that the vehicle is coming toward them so they can ensure they’re safely out of the way.

Being struck by an object caused 11.1% of deaths in this industry in 2018 and being caught in or between things caused 5.5% of fatalities that year. This highlights the importance of being safe, and the onus is on the construction company to ensure workers do this.

A worker who is injured in an accident involving a vehicle or piece of heavy equipment may need extensive medical care if they survive. Having these medical bills covered and ensuring that they receive compensation for the damages they’re due will quickly become a priority.


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