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Keeping the zero pedestrian fatality streak going

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

With the uncertainty the last few months have brought, there has been much to concern New Yorkers. There is a bright side to the chaos, though. Recently, the city experienced a stretch of 58 days without a pedestrian fatality. Is it possible to keep the streak going?

While motorists clearly have a role to play in keeping pedestrians safe, walkers also must work diligently to avoid a serious accident. After all, because motor vehicles outweigh pedestrians by a considerable margin, a collision with one may leave you with life-limiting injuries. By practicing some important safety techniques, you boost your chances of reaching your destination without sustaining a serious injury.

Increase your visibility

To stay safe on foot, you must be certain passing drivers can see you. To increase your visibility, take the following steps:

  • Use designated sidewalks, paths or trails
  • Make eye contact with approaching motorists
  • Wear light or brightly colored clothing
  • Attach reflective materials to the items you carry
  • Stay clear of objects, such as buses or trees, that may obstruct you
  • Walk during daytime hours or in well-lit areas

Maintain your focus

The NYPD and other public agencies have devoted significant resources to warning motorists about the dangers of distracted driving. You should realize, though, that distracted walking may also put your life in danger. Therefore, try to maintain focus until you reach your destination. Staying off your smartphone and turning down your music are both likely to be effective.

Respect traffic rules

Even though it may seem harmless, jaywalking can be risky. The same is true for ignoring other traffic rules. Accordingly, every time you walk, you must follow the law. Doing so may require leaving a few minutes early to be certain you do not have to rush through a no-walk intersection or otherwise bend the rules of the road.


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