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Amherst car collision sends six to hospital

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Reports claim that six people were injured following a car crash that occurred in Amherst on Jan. 31. It involved two vehicles — an Amherst Police vehicle and a 2012 Chevrolet with five occupants. According to the Amherst Police Department, the officer was responding to a call when the crash arose. As for who was at fault, this has yet to be determined; the crash is under investigation.

The occupants of the 2012 Chevrolet were all University at Buffalo students with the driver identified as a 20-year-old woman from Centereach. The five were taken to the Erie County Medical Center. Of those, three (including the driver) were listed in stable condition and two in critical condition. The police officer, who had non-life-threatening injuries, was transported to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

Police are asking drivers, residents and local business owners to step up if they have any security footage or dashcam video of the incident or the area where it occurred. University at Buffalo officials are keeping in contact with each student’s families and remaining available for assistance.

Though the details are sparse, there is little doubt that negligence on the part of one or both drivers is involved. Whenever negligence is behind motor vehicle crashes, those who are injured through little or no fault of their own may file a claim against that driver’s auto insurance company.

Sometimes, a police officer may break traffic laws if he or she is responding to a call and has taken the step of displaying red warning lights or sounding the siren. When police do this, other drivers are expected to take notice of them. Nevertheless, police may still be held liable for injuries in certain cases. Someone who intends to file a claim may want help from a lawyer with experience handling personal injury claims.


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