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Safe winter driving for New York residents

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s not too hard to be a safe driver when winter comes and places ice and snow on the roads. Drivers simply need to remember a few facts and act accordingly. This is assuming, of course, that drivers are heading out only when necessary. First of all, the slippery conditions that ice and snow create cause the tires to lose traction. To keep what little traction they have, then, drivers must slow down.

Next, drivers should know that the stopping distance will increase on slippery roads. To avoid a rear-end collision, it’s a good idea to maintain a distance of at least five to six seconds from the vehicle in front. Drivers should brake gradually and, when possible, never come to a complete stop at traffic lights. Accelerating when the car is stopped can result in the wheels spinning to no use.

Harsh accelerating should also be avoided when going uphill. The same goes for braking. Drivers should try to gain as much momentum as they can on the flat portion and keep a steady pace on the incline. Reaching the crest, they can slow down and be extra careful about traffic. Lastly, drivers should understand how they are to brake with systems like ABS and features like EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) and BA (brake assist).

No matter how bad the weather is, drivers are expected to keep themselves and others out of harm’s way. If they cause motor vehicle collisions through their own fault, and if the other side suffers injuries, then the incident may lead to a case under personal injury law. Victims may want to see an attorney who works in this field of law because there are limitations as to who can file a third-party insurance claim (New York is a no-fault state).


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