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Five tips for greater road safety in New York

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In 2018, the number of car crash fatalities reached around 40,000. Though this represented a 1% decrease from the previous year, the number is still exceedingly high. That year also saw 4.5 million people injured in car crashes, which amounts to one person being injured every seven seconds. With these five tips, drivers can keep themselves and others on the road just a bit safer.

The first may sound like a no-brainer: Drivers must keep at least one hand on the steering wheel and know when a turn or other maneuver requires both hands. Second, drivers’ phones should be off limits at all times. Taking one’s eyes from the road for even a few seconds will multiply the chances of a crash. Hands-free phone use may be acceptable, but this still causes a cognitive distraction.

Next, drivers should be courteous and patient on the road. Being discourteous may lead to a road rage incident while being impatient in a traffic jam can lead to a rear-end collision or other incident.

Before leaving their home, drivers should ensure that their vehicles are maintained. Well-maintained engines and brakes are essential. Lastly, drivers should prepare for gatherings where they might drink more than is good for them. They must never get behind the wheel while impaired.

There are all kinds of negligent actions that can lead to motor vehicle crashes. When victims of a crash discover that the other side was negligent, they may be able to file a claim against that driver’s auto insurance company. A successful claim might cover losses like medical expenses, vehicle repair costs and income lost due to the injuries. Victims may want to leave the filing and negotiating process to a lawyer. As a last resort, a lawyer may litigate.


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