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Getting to know the Fatal Four on construction sites

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2019 | Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites are dangerous areas by nature. In fact, the number of construction site accidents has increased in the past few years.

While some freak accidents are unavoidable, there are some instances where workers may be able to safely eliminate accidents at work. Being aware of the type of work that can lead to serious injury or death on a construction site, known as the Fatal Four, can aid in decreasing that risk.


Falls on a construction site lead to the greatest number of injuries and fatalities on construction sites. Not only are falls dangerous by themselves, but they may also lead to another type of dangerous action that can lead to the accident being . To avoid such injuries, companies should have proper preventative measures in place, such as signage for slippery areas, harness requirements and secure railing.

Being struck

With all the moving parts on a construction site, the opportunity for workers to get struck is quite high. Therefore, it is important that the company have proper maintenance protocols in place to ensure the correct functioning of machines and proper operator knowledge. Workers should also stay aware of moving parts around them.

Getting stuck

Getting stuck or pinned down is another common construction accident type that may result from a lack of knowledge on a site or malfunctioning machinery. Therefore, staying alert and properly utilizing the equipment and safety tools is critical.


In general, the possibility of electrocution is a serious matter. For those required to work closely with electricity, having the proper knowledge for its handling is vital. For that reason, OSHA has specific standards in place to help decrease the chances of electrocution while working. Construction companies have to implement these standards on their sites.

While these are the most common types of construction site injuries, they do not comprise all possible risks. Along with following federally required outlines and those of the company, workers should also utilize their own instincts to keep themselves safe.


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