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Online study ranks states with worst senior drivers

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The Senior List, a senior care website, has released a study showing which states see the most accidents involving senior drivers and which see the fewest. New York residents should be aware that their state experiences the 10th highest number of accidents involving drivers aged 65 and above. The worst five states were Florida, Texas, California, Georgia and North Carolina.

As for the safest states, these were New Hampshire, South Dakota, Delaware, Hawaii and North Dakota. While it is true that the more populous states tended to have higher crash numbers, this was not always the case. Tennessee had the eighth highest number, though it does not make the top 15 in terms of population.

There are about 42 million senior drivers in the U.S., which is 30% more than there were in 2009 and 60% more than in 1999. Despite an overall decline in traffic deaths, the number of fatal accidents involving seniors is going up. In 2017, for example, some 7,000 seniors died in traffic crashes. This came to 18% of all traffic deaths.

Seniors pose a danger by continuing to drive in spite of clear signs that they are unfit for it. These signs, which everyone should watch for, include diminishing hearing and vision, trouble keeping up with conversations and slower reaction times.

If a senior causes a motor vehicle crash through inattention or another form of negligence, then victims who are not to blame may have grounds for a third-party insurance claim. New York is a no-fault state, so there are restrictions on who can file such a claim. Victims might want to consult a lawyer before doing anything. They may leave all negotiations to their lawyer. If the other party’s auto insurance company refuses to pay out, victims might litigate.


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