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Volvo to use cameras and sensors to combat drunk driving

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Brooklyn residents know that drunk driving is a serious and widespread issue. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 10,874 people in this country died in drunk driving crashes in 2017. Every day, an average of 30 people die in such accidents in the United States. Volvo Cars has announced a plan to use new vehicle safety technology as part of the effort to reduce these crashes.

Starting in the early 2020s, the automaker plans to install cameras and sensors in its vehicles that would monitor drivers for signs of intoxication as well as distraction. The devices, upon detecting these signs, would send a warning signal. If drivers do not respond to it, the devices would then cause the vehicle to intervene by limiting speed or by slowing down and parking in a safe place.

The sensors will check for things like lack of steering input for long periods of time, slow reaction times and constant weaving in and out of lanes. The cameras will be able to detect when drivers have their eyes closed for an extended period.

This is not the only plan Volvo has for boosting vehicle safety. In March 2019, the automaker said it will introduce the speed limit of 112 mph on all its vehicles beginning in 2020.

Drunk driving is the cause of many motor vehicle crashes, and victims of such crashes are typically eligible for compensation under personal injury law. Filing a claim against the drunk driver’s auto insurance company may take the advice and guidance of an attorney. Brooklyn residents who are deemed less at fault than the other driver may see a lawyer for a case evaluation. The lawyer, if retained, might build up the case with evidence gathered by third-party investigators and then proceed to negotiate for a fair settlement.


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