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Construction workers face death on the job

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2019 | Construction Site Accidents

New York construction can be a dangerous job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is New York City’s deadliest, with 20 workers losing their lives on the job in 2017. This marked a slight decrease from the 21 deaths in construction site accidents in 2016. However, overall workplace fatalities rose; 87 workers were killed on the job, an increase of 55 percent from one year earlier. The construction accidents took place at a range of different types of job sites, with seven workers killed at residential building projects. Another three workers lost their lives at commercial construction sites.

The federal statistics for 2018 have not yet been released, but the New York City Department of Buildings reported that 12 workers lost their lives in construction site accidents. While the DOB only tracks deaths where direct violations of the city’s building code can be cited, OSHA tracks all workplace injuries and fatalities. Thus, OSHA’s number can be expected to be significantly higher. However, fatalities form only a small portion of the injuries that take place every year on construction sites. In 2017, 761 employees were injured at New York City construction sites, a 13 percent increase from the prior year.

When companies ignore workplace safety regulations, the consequences can be severe. One accident involved a worker being crushed by an overloaded forklift during the construction of a six-story condominium project in Brooklyn, while another worker was killed after a piece of the facade of the building he was working on fell off and hit him.

Construction workers injured on the job may face catastrophic trauma that affects their future ability to work. People who have been harmed due to a company’s workplace safety violations may want to consult with a lawyer and pursue compensation for their damages.


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