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How dangerous is it to drive in Brooklyn?

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York drivers may have a reputation for driving aggressively, but that does not always translate into increased risk for drivers in New York City and the surrounding areas. There are many factors that come into play in terms of car crashes in Brooklyn, and not all crashes involve negligent or aggressive drivers.

Following is some information about driver safety in Brooklyn as well as whether traffic fatalities are on the rise or decreasing in the most populous borough in New York.

Vision Zero and safety levels

New York City has a program called Vision Zero that actively aims to bring traffic fatalities to zero. Reports show that the program is bringing deaths down. In 2017, both New York and San Francisco had the lowest number of traffic deaths in their cities’ respective recorded histories. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio credits the Vision Zero program as one reason for the decrease. The city implemented changes as a part of the program, which the mayor says directly led to the decrease.

Risks to Brooklyn drivers

Despite the success of the Vision Zero program, the fact remains that drivers and pedestrians in Brooklyn are at risk for injuries. Pedestrians and cyclists face the risk of distracted drivers who may not be paying enough attention to see them on the road. Aggressive drivers can cause crashes that may result in serious injuries. Specific Brooklyn intersections can be notoriously more dangerous than others, such as the intersection at Flatbush Avenue and Avenue H and the intersection at Saint Johns Place and Utica Avenue.

Safety strategies

One way you can stay safe behind the wheel in Brooklyn is to employ defensive driving techniques. Keep your distance from aggressive drivers and do not respond to provocations. Make sure you are not a distracted driver and always avoid texting while driving.

If you do suffer an injury behind the wheel or while cycling or walking on the streets of Brooklyn, keep the documentation from all of your medical treatment and make sure you get the contact information of the driver. If the other driver was negligent, and this negligence led to your injuries, you may have the basis for seeking compensation through the courts for your injuries.


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