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Limo ride ends in accident and claims 20 lives

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As the end of the year approaches, the roads will see an increase in traffic and motor vehicle accidents. Most people do not realize there is still the possibility of limo accidents and injuries. Though there are more popular options to get around town, such as with Uber, Lyft and other upcoming rideshare companies, many New Yorkers still travel in limos.

Limos are not accident-proof, and contrary to popular misconceptions, they are not the safest vehicles on the streets. Often modified, many of them lack the necessary safety features to keep passengers and drivers safe. Their large size and weight are often catalysts in collisions that result in severe injuries and death.

Limos are not always a safe bet

Limo accidents occur far less often than car, SUV and truck accidents. However, the outcome is often an unavoidable tragedy when they do happen. Recently, a limo accident claimed the lives of 20 people, two of whom were pedestrians. The driver of the limo did not have a valid license, and there is also the vehicle in question that had defects and modifications that caused it to fail inspection.

Safety pointers for limo rides

It is a good idea to steer clear of companies that have incomplete or missing inspection records. Make sure all drivers have the proper credentials; New York limo drivers must have valid CDL licenses. Also, avoid limousine companies that have a history of traffic and inspection violations. Driver fatigue and distractions are other important factors to consider.

Fortunately, limo accidents, while often deadly, are rare. With the holidays approaching, anyone who plans to use limos or even party buses should exercise due diligence before making their reservations. A little extra time to thoroughly vet transportation options can increase safety and lead to fewer accidents involving limos, party buses and other similar-structured vehicles.


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