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Roundabouts could reduce the risk of severe crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some rural roads in New York are particularly prone to dangerous crashes and other incidents. When roads with high speed limits come together at intersections marked by only a stop sign, severe collisions are often inevitable. This is especially true when visibility in the area is limited. In an attempt to reduce the number of such crashes, traffic engineers are looking to roundabouts.

While a traffic light is a common solution proposed when a junction becomes a site for frequent, serious car accidents, it may not be the only option. Traffic lights cut down on the number of incidents at a particular location, but they may not reduce the severity of the motor vehicle collisions that still happen. On the other hand, a traffic circle may not make such a substantial reduction in the number of overall crashes. However, the collisions that do occur are usually minor. In some locations, roundabouts could cut injury risks by up to 89 percent.

There are a number of reasons for these benefits. Since there is no timed light or traditional oncoming traffic to outrace, there is no incentive for a driver to speed up when approaching the traffic circle. While there are construction costs associated with roundabouts, they can often be recovered through emergency response savings.

Intersections can be dangerous places, especially when a distracted, drunk or negligent driver is on the road. Car accidents can lead to serious injuries and lifelong disabilities. When a victim has been hurt in a crash due to reckless driving, a personal injury lawyer can help them pursue compensation for their damages.


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