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Basic safety tips drivers should follow

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Drivers traveling on New York roads should be completely focused on their surroundings. Eliminating distractions can be an effective way for motorists to get themselves and their passengers to a destination safely. Safe driving means obeying posted speed limits and avoiding speeds that are too fast for road conditions. It also means not using a phone, eating or performing other tasks while a car is in motion.

Those who need to stop for a snack or a drink should pull over to the side of the road. Time should also be built into a trip for snack, rest or other breaks while traveling to a destination. Mirrors, seats and other vehicle components should be adjusted before a person starts the car. If an item falls while a car is moving, a driver should not attempt to reach for it.

Anything that a driver may need such as money for tolls or a garage door opener should be kept within reach. Defensive driving can help avoid accidents by accounting for the actions of others on the road. Examples of defensive driving include leaving a gap of two seconds between other vehicles on the road. Individuals should refrain from driving if they are impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Car accidents may result in injuries that take months or years to recover from. In some cases, accident victims never recover from the pain of broken bones or pulled muscles. The impact of a head injury on a person’s mood or ability to function in society may be difficult to measure. However, those who are unable to live a reasonable quality of life after an accident could receive compensation from a negligent driver through a lawsuit filed with the help of an attorney.


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