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What to do after a car accident occurs

On Behalf of | May 31, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

For many New York residents, getting into a car accident is an experience to avoid. However, motorists are always at risk for being involved in motor vehicle accidents no matter how carefully they drive. Therefore, all drivers should be aware of the basic steps to take if one does occur.

Once a car accident occurs, no matter how minor, motorists should stop as there are consequences for fleeing the scene. It’s also wise to avoid admitting any responsibility until an investigation can be completed. Motorists should always first check to ensure that no one is in need of any immediate medical care. If there are any minor to severe injuries, call an ambulance. Police should also be notified. If possible, the vehicles shouldn’t be moved unless they are causing a major traffic backup.

The next step is to get all pertinent or relevant information. In addition to the other driver’s name, number and insurance policy, a description of the vehicle and the license plate is also useful. Next, the insurance company should be notified. If at all possible, they can be notified right at the scene as the responding police officer may be able to give them even more information.

Although insurance agents are able to walk motorists through the process of filing claims for motor vehicle accidents, personal injury attorneys may also assist. In some cases, they could help motorists gather any additional information that may be needed to prove that the other party was liable for the accident. Evidence could include cell phone records to prove that the other driver was texting or the results of DUI tests to prove that the other driver was under the influence.


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