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Seat belts could help prevent liver injuries in car accidents

On Behalf of | May 14, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Even though seat belts have saved many lives in New York car accidents, there is still some controversy surrounding them. Some believe, for example, that the hazards of seat belt use outweigh the benefits and as long as there are airbags, seat belts are not needed. However, a study found that seat belts reduce the risk of severe liver and spleen injuries, which result in fatal bleeding.

It was noted that the liver and spleen were the two organs to be most commonly damaged in car accidents. Injuries to the liver are extremely serious as severe bleeding can occur. While the spleen can be removed to reduce bleeding, the liver cannot as it is needed for normal life functions. Researchers found that those who suffered severe liver injuries in a car accident were twice as likely to die as those who had less severe liver injuries.

Ultimately, researchers found that patients who were wearing seat belts at the time a car accident occurred were 21 percent less likely to suffer a severe injury to the liver than those who were not. When both a seatbelt and an airbag were involved, patients were found to be 26 percent less likely to suffer a severe injury to the liver than those who were not wearing one.

Car accidents can result in a wide variety of serious or even life-threatening injuries, even if a person was not driving or did not cause the accident. If a car crash is the result of the negligence of another motorist, an injured victim might want to have a lawyer’s assistance in seeking appropriate compensation.


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