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How to handle the sun while driving

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

People in New York may enjoy taking a drive in sunny weather. However, the sun’s glare can also create hazards for drivers, and these problems can be most severe during the sunrise and sunset hours of the day. One of the most common hazards during sunny conditions is trouble judging the distance between a driver’s vehicle and other objects on the road.

Drivers can take steps to reduce the impact of sun glare by making sure that their windshields are clean. It is generally not a good idea to spray it with windshield washing fluid while driving. An individual may find that wearing sunglasses while driving or using a sun visor can help make it easier to see while driving in sunny conditions. As a last resort, it can be a good idea to take a different route or pull over until the sun goes down.

Automobile accidents may be more likely during times of sun glare because drivers are less likely to see or accurately interpret their surroundings. Those who operate a motor vehicle are generally responsible for making sure that they can do so safely. Therefore, it is possible that an individual could be responsible for an accident even if it is hard to see because of the sun’s glare.

Those who are hurt in car accidents that are caused by the negligence of another driver might be entitled to compensation. Compensation may help an individual pay for medical expenses or recoup lost wages. Punitive damages might also be included in a settlement or jury award. An attorney may be able to review the case and help an injured victim obtain a favorable outcome in a personal injury matter.


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