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The benefits of wearable technology on risky job sites

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2018 | Construction Site Accidents

Wearable technology may help keep New York workers safe while also reducing insurance costs. A tool developed by Triax Technologies is designed to be worn on a worker’s tool belt, and it tracks that person’s location wherever he or she goes. Those who are responsible for job site safety stay updated about a worker’s whereabouts through a mesh internet system.

If a worker falls or otherwise gets hurt, the device can send out a notification with important details about the accident. For instance, it can help safety personnel determine how far a person may have fallen and if others may have witnessed it. Wearable technology may prove useful in stopping accidents from happening or lessening the impact of those that do. This is how technology, such as that developed by Triax, may keep insurance costs down.

These tools can be utilized in factories or manufacturing plants to keep workers safe there as well. By monitoring employee movements, it may also be possible to cut down on instances of insurance and other types of fraud. AIG has partnered with a company called Human Condition Safety that also makes a device that can track the whereabouts of workers. Instead of attaching to a tool belt, it is secured on an employee’s vest.

Individuals who work in construction may face a variety of hazards each day. Those who are involved in worksite accidents may have sustained injuries that prevent them from working or living a similar quality of life as before the accident. It may be possible for an injured worker to obtain compensation for lost wages or medical costs. In some cases, future medical costs may be part of a benefits package assuming that those needs are related to a workplace injury.


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