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How to stay safe around snow plows this winter

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Here in New York City, a typical winter can see as much as 30 inches of snow, according to CNN. Snow can obstruct visibility, reduce traction and create hazardous road conditions.

Snow plows effectively clear these impediments, ensuring roads remain navigable and safe for motorists and pedestrians alike. However, these large vehicles can pose significant risks to road users, leading to accidents that may result in serious injuries.

Understanding the role of snow plows

While they remove accumulated snow from the streets, plows also create unique hazards for those sharing the road. Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to passing snow plows. Plow blades can throw snow and ice at high speeds, injuring people who are walking or cycling nearby.

Motorists also face risks when sharing the road with snow plows. Poor visibility and slick roads can make collisions more likely to happen. These incidents can result in significant damage and injuries due to the size and weight of the snow plow.

Avoiding collisions with snow plows

Prevention of snow plow accidents primarily involves awareness and caution. Pedestrians should remain alert during snow removal operations and avoid walking too close to the street when plows are active. Motorists should give snow plows plenty of space, understanding that these vehicles often make sudden stops and have limited visibility.

Liability in snow plow crash incidents

When accidents involving snow plows occur, questions of liability often arise. In some cases, private owners and commercial snow plow companies are liable for crashes. Operators of snow plows often play a role in these incidents as well. Negligence from plow drivers can take many forms, including distracted driving, speeding and failure to adhere to safety regulations. Furthermore, broken equipment can also contribute to accidents. For instance, a snow plow with malfunctioning brakes or faulty blades can be a serious hazard on the road.

While snow plows are essential for winter safety, they also bring risks that require awareness and caution from road users. By staying informed and cautious, it is possible to minimize the hazards posed by snow plows during winter.


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