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Suing for lost wages after an auto crash

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents on New York streets or highways can result in injuries to victims, which often come with medical expenses and related costs. One way for victims to obtain compensation for these expenses is by filing a civil lawsuit. In addition to medical expenses, victims may also incur lost wages, which they may be entitled to recover if certain elements can be proven in their claim.

Claims for lost wages

Workers might be financially disadvantaged when they cannot perform their duties because of injuries. Some professionals, especially those self-employed, only receive payment when actively working. Even those collecting sick leave might run out after a specific timeframe. Yet, bills and other obligations will continue to accumulate. When a person cannot work due to injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, that person may have a claim for lost wages.

The victim must prove that the injuries that caused the lost income derived exclusively from the motor vehicle accident. Credible evidence from medical reports might help substantiate the claim.

Additional compensation and further concerns

Even when victims of motor vehicle accidents recover and return to work, the injuries could hamper their future earnings potential. For example, someone relying on a client base might have to cut their workload and client levels in half because of lingering problems from the accident. Such a person may sue for the diminished earnings capacity they now experience.

Besides lost wages, an accident victim may seek punitive damages. When a driver exhibits extremely reckless or outrageous behavior, the court may award punitive damages as punishment. However, many auto liability insurance policies do not provide coverage for punitive awards. An insurance settlement might be sufficient to recover significant compensation for injuries and other losses from the collision.


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