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What makes commercial vehicle wrecks challenging cases?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In a bird’s eye view, the victim of a commercial vehicle accident in New York City has the same rights as would any other motor vehicle accident victim.

If a commercial driver negligently causes an accident, then they must pay just compensation to their victims.

However, the details of these types of accidents can make it especially challenging for victims even to navigate the insurance and legal system, much less to recover compensation for their losses.

  • Commercial vehicles like semis not only are bigger than passenger cars, they also operate differently. Understanding even the mechanics of an accident can be difficult.
  • Because of the size difference and other factors, accidents involving a commercial vehicle frequently result in catastrophic injuries that can lead to a permanent disability. These injuries can cost a victim millions of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses alone, not to mention lost income and non-economic losses.
  • On a related note, commercial vehicle accidents may involve several victims.
  • There are many more laws and rules in play with respect to commercial vehicles.
  • When it comes to a commercial vehicle accident, there are often many responsible parties. For example, in addition to the driver, the driver’s employer or the business with whom the driver contracted may be liable. Likewise, several insurance companies may be involved in a claim.
  • The stakes are high after a commercial vehicle accident. Many times, those responsible want to avoid accepting responsibility. If they do admit fault, they could hesitate to pay all the compensation to which a victim is entitled.

Commercial vehicle accidents victims should know their options

Commercial vehicle accidents are complicated matters for many reasons. A New York victim of one of these accidents should make sure that they understand how the law will apply to their situation and what options they have for recovering the compensation they deserve.


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