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What compensation might I get after an accident?

Brooklyn is inherently busy and is getting even busier. There are always automobiles, motorcyclists, e-bikes, bicycles, pedestrians and others on the road. In addition, there are construction projects constantly in progress.

With all that activity, there is always a chance for an accident.

People can suffer life-changing problems whether it is an auto crash, a work accident or other ways in which people become injured. While they might think they know what to do and what kind of compensation they can receive in the aftermath, it is not as easy as it seems from reading news stories of big awards and advertisements talking about filing a claim.

Be aware of what compensation is available in a personal injury case

There is a long list of factors that are considered in a legal claim. For example, a person’s injuries can range from minor to severe. There can be issues that affect them for a short time or for their rest of their lives.

Medical costs can be massive with hospitalizations, surgical procedures, medication, rehabilitation and long-term care. To make a strong claim, you need to have the receipts, medical records and professional opinions about what future care might be needed.

On top of those damages, you also must consider how your injuries may affect your future earning capacity. You may not be able to do the kind of work you did before your accident.

Be sure to consider noneconomic damages as well. These can include your contribution to your family.

This might be difficult to quantify, but it has value. Remember, you are seeking compensation for all you have lost.


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