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The risks of occupational injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Personal Injury

Occupational injuries and illnesses create symptoms that could be obvious or difficult to detect for years. One injury could lead to a permanent disability while an illness could contribute to a death. High-risk groups for work-related deaths and injuries include Latino and older workers. All workers in New York are at some risk of developing a serious condition on the job.

Types of occupational injuries

Slips and falls are some of the leading causes of injury for workers. Walking on slippery floors, climbing down the stairs and tripping over objects occur often. In addition, some workers are struck in the head by falling objects or flying debris.

A high number of workers operate company vehicles and are likely to have deadly motor vehicle accidents. Similarly, workers who operate forklifts or other types of warehouse machinery incorrectly have accidents regularly.

Repetitive stress injuries occur to workers who perform repetitive movements of the hand, wrist or limb. Strained muscles or tendons, broken fractures and other problems may develop after years of incorrect posturing and movements.

Coverage for injuries and deaths

Latino workers tend to accept physically laborious jobs more than any other group. They are more likely to become seriously injured or die from their occupational injuries.

Occupational injuries vary from minor to severe and may occur immediately or take years for symptoms to appear. Some workers face higher risks of injury or death if they belong to high-risk groups that vary by age, race or gender. In some cases, compensation can be obtained through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.


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