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Next steps after an accident with an uninsured driver

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When a driver is in an accident with another car, his or her first thought it usually to check to make sure everyone in the vehicle is okay and then to exchange information with the other driver. This may include a phone number or email address, vehicle descriptions and insurance information.

Even though drivers are required to carry car insurance, some choose not to. If they cause an accident with another driver, the insured driver may not know what to do next.

Reporting the accident and accepting payment

First, it can be helpful to file a police report after the accident. The report serves as documentation of the incident, including any injuries the driver or the passengers sustained and any damage to the vehicle.

Some uninsured drivers may offer to pay the driver they hit. While it may be tempting to accept money, it is often better for the driver to wait until he or she knows the full extent of their damages and decides whether to pursue legal action against the other driver.

Witnesses and documentation

If there were witnesses to the accident, the driver who was hit may want to ask them to write down a statement of what happened. In addition, the driver will want to gather contact information from the witnesses for later follow up, if needed.

Most drivers have a cell phone that can take pictures and video. It’s helpful to document the accident with photos, including landmarks, the vehicle damage, street or intersection signs, license plate numbers and any other relevant information.

Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, so it’s important to note any injuries in the days and weeks after the accident. If a driver needs help to pursue a claim against an uninsured driver, an experienced attorney can help.



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