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How can drivers help keep bicyclists safe?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Bicycle riders can be particularly vulnerable on the roadways and when involved in crashes because of the limited protection a bike provides. Drivers should take steps and adequate care to help ensure that bicycle riders are protected and kept safe and to avoid bicycle accidents.

How drivers can help keep bicyclists safe

There are several different steps drivers can take to help keep bicyclists safe including:

  • Yield to bicyclists as the driver would yield to another motorist;
  • Do not underestimate the speed of a bicycle which will help prevent the motorist from turning into the path of a bicycle and crashing into them;
  • Stop at signs when in parking lots; stop when parking or backing up; and check surroundings for bicycles;
  • Look for bicyclists that may be coming from the rear right when turning right; drivers should look left, right and then left again before turning;
  • Obey speed limits and reduce speed for roadway conditions or other traffic or weather conditions;
  • Drive defensively to avoid crashing into a bicycle; and
  • Give bicyclists enough room by not passing too closely and treating them as the driver would another motorist.

When a bicyclists has been hurt in a bicycle accident by a negligent driver, it is helpful for them to be familiar with personal injury protections that may be able to help them with their damages. Personal injury protections can include help with physical, financial and emotional damages bicycle accident victims may suffer that are commonly associated with bicycle accidents. Being unexpectedly injured in a bicycle accident can begin a long process of recovery which is why legal protections are available to victims of negligent drivers.



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