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New technology to make construction work safer

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Construction Site Accidents

Brooklyn construction sites often present hazards for passersby, but for workers, danger is part of the job every day. Construction work in the United States is safer now than it was in the past, but experts say more needs to be done to decrease accidents and fatalities for workers. Safety firms are now turning to technology to prevent accidents on job sites.

One of the most common safety measures at construction sites is the audible signal that sounds when a vehicle is backing up. The familiar sound of these reversing alarms has saved many lives, but recently there has been concern that when multiple vehicles sound their alarms at once, workers cannot tell where each sound is coming from. A new type of reversing alarm can solve that problem by using broadband frequencies to make it easier for a person to pinpoint the direction the sound is coming from. In addition, the signal makes a white noise sound that can be clearly heard, even if a worker is wearing noise protection equipment.

Onboard cameras are a newer safety measure that can prevent accidents by giving vehicle operators a complete view of the area around their vehicle. Radar systems are also being implemented to help drivers by signaling them to warn of people or objects that are in their blind spot. These are just some of the advancements in safety technology that could dramatically reduce construction accidents and fatalities.

Some job site accidents are considered to have been unavoidable, but in some cases a worker’s injury could have been prevented if not for the negligence of a non-employer third party. If a worker is harmed by a defective tool, for example, an attorney might suggest the filing of a lawsuit against its manufacturer.


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